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At Edraj we understand that the real estate industry can be quite intimidating for even the most discerning buyer and that is our unique 360° approach allows you to breathe free.
Allow Edraj to help you find that dream space you can live in, work or create!
From providing you with in-depth information about the best locations and early bird prices to loan services and assistance with drafting of agreements, our team of professional and experienced consultants are dedicated to delivering value.
Allow Edraj to help you find that dream space you can live in, work or create!
How about if we give you MORE than just ONE reason?
The Right Leverage:
We leverage the best interests of our clients (both buyers and sellers) across multiple platforms for the common gain of all..
The Right Expertise:
Our team of dedicated professionals have years of management & industry experience and proven successful track records backing them up. When we say ‘Only the best work for you’ – We mean it!
The Right Services:
From coordinating between financial, insurance and mortgages to guidance through the laws and regulations of the region, our services take a 360° approach to buying property.
The Right Offers:
Our exclusive ‘fresh previews’ specially cater to serious buyers for the ‘Early bird’ offers – the best properties at the best prices! Get in Early and Get it Fresh!
The Right Network:
The Edraj offices are situated in Amman, Dubai and will soon expand to other booming areas in the Middle East allowing easier access to not only our services but better cross-investment opportunities!
The Right Products:
We understand the unique requirements of each client. A reason why our properties are spread across different and varied categories to suit your individual needs and requirements. Search from our comprehensive database and different parameters to find YOUR unique space.
The Right Information:
Our property research specialists work round the clock to empower you with updated information about the real estate markets you may be interested in, so that you can make an informed decision!
Contact us now for more details or call us at +962 6 5777339 .